Photo Fashion Barbie – A Barbie That’s a Camera and a Doll!

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photo fashion barbie

So when asked if Z would be interested in reviewing the Photo Fashion Barbie by Mattel – this was a no brainer.  My 9 year old is still obsessed with Barbies. Add her love of taking photos and Barbies + Photos = Photo Fashion Barbie – OF COURSE we will review.

Let’s get the deets on why their is such Hot Christmas gift buzz for Photo Fashion Barbie

Photo Fashion Barbie Doll

barbie shirt

The image appears on Photo Fashion Barbie’s shirt!

Barbie has been converted to a doll that takes photos!  This is a normal size Barbie, with the added feature of digital camera. Simply press her belt and shoot a photo.  The photo (LED screen where photos appear typically on a digital camera) will appear on her T-Shirt! As easy as that.

The doll has 4mb of internal memory and can store up to 200+ images!

We recently went out to eat to celebrate our move and Z snapped a few photos. She carries this doll around everywhere!




The Barbie Photo Fashion doll has a ton of fun features and a toy that all Barbie lovers will enjoy.

This is a sponsored post from One2One Network. Mattel product and additional incentives were provided to me.  All opinions stated are my own.


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