Bad Luck Be Gone

    bad luck

    I’ve recently taken up playing the Lotto. After watching some show on TLC about lottery winners, I have my mind set on the fact that I TOO could win, if I just played. Also, that if I won – I could do so much good with that money (you hear that God?).

    Well, I haven’t won. I am not giving up, it’s just a string of bad luck that has hit our family lately – but as soon as this cloud of darkness lifts, I know I’ll be in jackpot gold baby! Yes, sometimes I am delusional. 

    A few weeks ago we found out that my husband needed tear duct surgery. Then Izaiah knocked his teeth into his jaw. Then Sean had his surgery and his recovery took longer than we had planned. We then had to move which has been a series of comical events. Actually they have all been tear-worthy events that we have tried our best to make comical. Then my Mag Safe died on my MacBook pro leaving me without my typical computer to work on and unable to finish a few jobs on time.

    All of that sucks. Bad luck? Sure or a string of unfortunate events. But the worse happened last night. We went to see the dogs after being away for 24 hours and my beloved dog was sick. Too sick and after 14 years, we had to say goodbye to our first furry child. 

    saying goodbye to our dogMy husband and I met Bobo a few weeks before our church wedding (we had eloped before hand). He was a little Poodle Terrier (TerriPoo if you want to get fancy) born to a bitch in the pound. He was just 4 weeks old when we happened to stop by that day. I knew I had to have him, but the pound wouldn’t let him leave until he was 6 weeks old. We got married and 2 days after saying “I Do”, we picked up our furry child – Bobo.

    I’ll never forget the vet calling him Bozo, and I kept thinking “if I called your child Bozo, you wouldn’t be happy”. My husband swore the dog would live in our tiny apartment’s kitchen. By the second night, my husband had him sleeping next to us in bed.

    Bobo was our side kick and best friend. He filled the void of not having kids due to infertility for years. He endured countless silly outfits and costumes. Then when we had 1, 2, 3 and then 4 kids – he was each of the kids’ favorite dog. His smile was priceless and his singing was obnoxious.

    As Sean carried him to me last night, for me to say goodbye – he had barely any life in his body, but had a smile on his face. It was time for him to go see Jesus. He brought us so much love, I know he is happy and healthy now in heaven.

    Telling the kids about Bobo’s passing has been so hard. We fortunately haven’t had too much death with friends or family that are close to my kids, so this is all a learning experience for them. I quickly learned that watching my kids mourn is just about as heart breaking as mourning myself. Our 1 year old keeps yelling BOBO. I know he just is saying it because we’ve said his name so much in the last 24-hours but it hurts. Our 2 year old was looking for Bobo today and again – HEART BREAK.

    It was time. He was old, but oh how he was loved.

    So anyways, bad luck – be gone. You have done me in. I need some positive – good news. Please send it my way – and if you want it to be in the form of winning lotto numbers – I’ll be checking my numbers tomorrow night.


    Sadly Optimistic

    • Molly Thornberg is a creator. She made 4 awesome kids, too-many-to-count blogs and disasters anytime she tries to DIY. She is an introverted extrovert, believer in grace, all-around geek and total type-B parent. Molly and her family circus reside in Dallas, TX

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    • Sasha Rambles

      HUGS. It is so hard to lose a furry friend. We lost our kitty just this past Thursday. Take care, and best to you and your family.

      • digital mom blog

        thanks – i know it will get better, just a sucky time right now. I have to remember it’s all apart of our story…

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