Baby Wearing – Moby Wrap Review


Zeke is a cuddle bug. No really. He wants to cuddle 24/7. I am SO not complaining, but after spending the last 7 weeks in bed I need to get OUT! And well, I need my arms back. Sorry dude!

I am blaming the post-baby haze for not thinking of this sooner, BABY WEARING. Duh. So I put the Baby Bjorn on and I felt like the dude was being EATEN ALIVE.  So plan b, I should just listen to what most of my baby-making friends have recommended and jump on the Moby Wrap bandwagon.

So that’s what I did. I purchased a Moby Wrap.

moby wrap great for baby wearing

First Impressions

My first thought after unpacking the Moby Wrap from the cute little bag it arrived was, There is NO way I am going to figure this thing out Look at all of this FABRIC. WHAT did I just buy?

These arms are TIRED. I was bound and determined to at least try it out.

Moby Wrap Instructions

The instructions for the Moby Wrap were clear and easy. I found this great video and after 2 tries had it down.


The Moby Wrap with Toddlers

moby wrap with toddlers

I tried our 18 month old baby in the Moby Wrap. Izaiah is around 27 pounds. I was amazed how much less stressful it was on my back to carry him. While my need to carry him is far less now that he’s older, it’s good to know if we are ever someone and he needs to be carried – this will do the job!

Final Thoughts on the Moby Wrapthe moby wrap rocks

LOVE IT. I love the fact I can wear the Moby Wrap and sit down and not feel like the baby could suffocate. With the sling I always feared the baby wasn’t getting enough air. The back support provided by the Moby is fabulous.

The Moby Wrap is available at Amazon starting at $34.99. The Moby Wrap comes in an array of colors and patterns.

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