The Story of a Baby Born at 24 Weeks


kenna claire mooreI can remember pregnancy like it was just yesterday, except it was a year ago. I thank God often for the healthy babies I delivered. With 4, I am so blessed to have rather easy pregnancies all resulting in healthy and full-term babies.  Thru each pregnancy, I would mark each week. “6 weeks” “15 weeks” ” 24 weeks” – counting down to delivery time.

Last year, with Zeke’s pregnacy I blogged the last 5 months regularly. While I always use to kid, if this baby would just come today – the truth is that each week in the womb is essential.

Here I was at 24 weeks pregnant. It was still a full 15 weeks before I would deliver our baby boy.

Baby Born at 24 Weeks

At 24 weeks for a mom in North Carolina, her doctor visit resulted in being directed to the hospital for delivery. On January 9 – just 24 weeks along in her pregnancy, Nicki Moore delivered a baby girl named Kenna. Kenna was welcomed into this world weighing  just 9.6 oz with life-threatening complications. For a visual of her size at birth was just over half a pound and she was smaller than a soda can. Kenna is recorded as the fourth-smallest surviving baby in the world.

For comparison, Zeke was born weighing 7 lbs 2 oz. What a difference 16 weeks make.

Read Kenna’s story – she’s a fighter.