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10 Truths About Motherhood

11 years of being a mom has taught me many lessons. There have been many FAILS. There’s been a few wins. Out of all of the things that I’ve learned, 10 truths about motherhood ring true. I could tell you things like your house ...Read More

Sometimes Life Throws You a PUG

It was November 5th last year, our sweet Pug Animal was 14 years old. That night, he passed away in his sleep. He had issues for a while. We KNEW it was coming, we had discussed the end to his story with the kids- ...Read More

Amazon Fire TV Review

We talked about the new Amazon Fire TV (Read: What is Amazon Fire TV) last week. Amazon sprung this one on us, and I have to say – I am super excited to share with you about this device. It is capital S-W-E-E-T. If you ...Read More