Looking for Angry Birds Walkthroughs and cheats, needing a little help on a level or world? We’ve got them! Add your comments on how to get 3 stars – I’ll revise and add the tips in as you comment!

    The Ham ‘Em High World 5 in the original Angry Birds app:

    Angry Birds Ham ‘Em High Levels 1-5 Walkthrough & Cheat:

    Angry Birds Ham ‘Em High Levels 6-10 Walkthrough & Cheat:


    To get 3 stars –
    Shoot the blue bird at the blue blocks like in the video, then shoot the yellow at the long horizontal wood block in the middle. Then shoot the black bird at the middle of the structure where the stone and the pile rectangular wood pieces connect and blow it up mid air.

    Use the 2 yellow birds to destroy the SQUARE block (not the rectangular one) at the bottom left of the structure. the SQUARE block only takes 2 hits to destroy and the whole structure will fall to the left giving you HUGE points and killing 3 pigs. then use 1 red bird to kill the remaining 2.

    Angry Birds Ham ‘Em High Levels 11-15 Walkthrough & Cheat:

    Angry Birds Ham ‘Em High Levels 16-21 Walkthrough & Cheat:

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