Angry Birds Crochet Patterns!


Just when you thought you had seen all things Angry Birds – check out these adorable Angry Birds Crochet Patterns!

crochet angry birds

The Itsy Bitsy Spider Shop has these Angry Birds crochet patterns available for purchase – TOO CUTE!

Get grandma crocheting these – how cute would these be for a birthday gift or a for an Easter basket treat?

Check out the complete Angry Bird collection:

angry bird cardinal

Get the Red Cardinal Angry Bird Crochet Pattern for FREE!

angry birds green pig

The Angry Birds Green Pig (oink oink) – Crochet Pattern (PDF in English) Available for $2.00

angry birds goldfinch

The Angry Birds Goldfinch –  Crochet Pattern (PDF in English) Available for $2.00

The Angry Birds Blue Bird –  Crochet Pattern (PDF in English) Available for $2.00

angry birds bomb bird

The Angry Birds Bomb Bird –  Crochet Pattern (PDF in English) Available for $2.00

The Angry Birds White Bird (yes with egg drop!) – Crochet Pattern (PDF in English) Available for $2.00

The Angry Birds Toucan Boomerang Bird – Crochet Pattern (PDF in English) Available for $2.00

Great JOB Itsy Bitsy Spider! If I only knew how to crochet…. I’d so buy these!

Talk about a great gift for the kids!



  1. oh no look at this, it’s over for these pattern 🙁 
    🙁 🙁 🙁
    so so sad

  2. If you become a member for (it’s free) they have the patterns for the green angry bird, the black bomb and the green pig. All for free.

  3. If anyone these saved I would like a copy… [email protected]. I only have the red one

  4. Made you Angry Cardinal and your directions are superb!  So disappointing they are discontinued, wanted to make the rest.  Tried using another pattern and their directions were AWFUL.  Yours are the BEST!!!!

  5. hello i”m come from southkorea.i want angry bird all patten buy…how buy it??
    creditcard? or cash??please email…[email protected]

  6. does anyone have the  white angry bird pattern with the egg that drops? that is my favorite bird and I can’t find a good pattern anywhere. I love all these patterns and wish they were still available. Can someone help please??!!! my e-mail is [email protected]:disqus .com

    thanks so much,
    an angry bird fan

      •  I did…here is the link to the lady that sent it to me…. go on here website and follow instructions to donate to the itsybitsy website and she will email patterns to you. She did it really quickly…thanks

  7. My wife wants to buy the patterns but they are not listed on the etsy shop.  Is there any way to purchase these?  Her email is [email protected]

  8. Hello,

    I’m really interested about paterns of angry bird. The problem is that
    we can’t buy it anymore, in the website you indicate. Do you know where
    can i buy or find this patern?

    Thanks a lot

    karinedouillet  at

  9. I want to purchase all of them except the red. how to buy them? Can you give me a information to oder them? please reply by return of post. [email protected]

  10. Hello, I would like to purchase the white angry pooping bird pattern, but don’t know where I need to purchase it at. Could you please email me at [email protected] as I really would like to purchase that pattern.

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