A New Normal

    new normal

    • No longer do we sleep in.
    • No longer do we go out to eat on a whim.
    • No longer do we get date nights.
    • No longer do we have excess money.
    • No longer do we get to take showers longer than 5 minutes.
    • No longer do we have a house that stays clean for more than 10 minutes.
    • No longer do we have an empty dishwasher.
    • No longer do we have laundry not stacked everywhere.
    • No longer do we have quiet.
    • No longer do we have adequate toilet paper in the bathrooms.
    • No longer do we care what was.

    We have a new normal. We have 4 kids. We have a new life.  We have a new adventure every second of the day.

    It’s quite different.  It’s quite a change. But honestly, from the bottom of my heart I can say.

    This new normal is wonderful. 



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