6 Angry Birds Christmas Lights Show

    angry birds light shows

    When I was first sent a link to an Angry Birds Christmas light show, I thought – WOW, that’s funny. Then after some research and a few more links being sent my way – I quickly discovered, this wasn’t just a 1 off! Talk about dedicated fans! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by anything Angry Birds that appears. If people are getting Angry Birds Tattoos – and painting Angry Bird nail art – surely they would spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of time putting up a Christmas light display dedicated to Angry Birds!

    Here is a round up of 6 Fabulous Angry Birds Christmas Light Shows


    Round Rock, TX is representing 3 of my favorite things! Angry Birds, Christmas and Pomplamoose!


    This light display is in a animated Christmas light show playing Angry Birds Level 1 in Irmo, South Carolina.


    Help! The pigs are trying to ruin Christmas. Grab the sling shot and fire those birds! From the people who brought you the Guitar Hero Christmas Light game! Running on two computers and 10 Light-o-rama 16 channel controllers, uses more than 20,000 lights and less than one cent of electricity per game. Audio is broadcast on 99.1FM, and the controller has a long enough cord for people to play in their cars on the street. Easier than the iPhone version, and bigger too.


    Angry Birds Christmas light display @ the Morokia 1st annual tree lighting ceremony. The display was awsome and the family gathered donations (new unwrapped toys) and had hot chocolate and they had the Ice Topia ice cream truck with chocolate frozen banana’s.


    Angry birds theme house in Santa Clarita. we were diving by and saw this awesome christmas light show. also we were able to tune in to 99.1 on our fm radio and hear all the sound!


    More crazy Angry Birds light fun


    Another Angry Birds light show – featuring Pomplamoose!


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    • kids dresses

      Super cool! How did they do that? Perfect timing of the movement of the lights on the sound effects. Two-thumbs up!

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