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31 Weeks Pregnant Baby Bump

Decorated Urine Cup

31 Weeks Pregnant Update

31 weeks pregnant and the countdown to showtime is on.  This is week 150 of total pregnancy (if you add each of my 4 pregnancies together).

I had a check-up with the doctor today as well as an ultrasound.

Each visit I leave the nurse a little message to the nurse who has the WONDERFUL job of checking my urine. Today, as I was getting my stats done, a nurse popped over and said that my urine cups make her day and she can’t wait for me to come in. Wow, who knew a decorated urine cup could make someone’s day?  :)

Bebe is 3 lbs 10 oz! Heart, size, etc all looked fabulous and what more could I want? The tech predicted an 8lb baby if I carry to full term.

How to fill out paper work for pregnancy leave

FMLA paper work is officially with the doctor!

How to fill out paper work for pregnancy leave is a common search on this site, so wanted to give you some insight. You will need to work with HR on getting the FMLA paper work that you need in order to make sure your benefits and rights are good with your job. Pregnancy leave paper work will need to be filled out by your doctor as well as yourself. My HR department had asked that I have this paperwork back to them 6 weeks before delivering baby.

FMLA Paper Work

FMLA paper work is now with the doctor, but my maternity leave planning is behind schedule at work. I have an interview with a project manager next week. Crossing fingers she will be just what the team needs to fill my void while I’m out.

Speaking of FMLA, I have planned to take the full 12 weeks off. This will give me and Bebe a good start. With this being #4, as much as I would love to not miss a few weeks of pay – I do think the priority needs to be on our family. This is one of those work life balance things that I am having to choose priorities on, and this one – family wins.

Praying that this babe doesn’t spend 10 weeks colic so that we’ll be able to get all things in order before I return to work.

My blood pressure was slightly up this week. Typically I have rockstar BP but not so much this time. Crossing fingers that the doctor just got me at a crazy part of the day which in return increases my blood pressure.

Wee! Last week we did Memorial Day nesting in which the house was turned upside down, literally. We still have clean up to do, and some big furniture moving. Then we can make our trip to Ikea, to purchase the baby nursery. We’ve decided (tentatively, this mom is FICKLE) to just do the Ikea route – modern and bright for the baby’s nursery.

Sleep is calling my name, over and out.




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