28 Weeks Pregnant

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28 weeks belly bump pregnant

It’s another hump day bump day and Stephanie is 28 weeks pregnant! In just 12ish short weeks, I’ll have another niece, breaking the long cycle of boys. Between my husband and his brother, the last 5 kids have been BOYS, we are so ready for a girl!

Here’s what a 28 week pregnant baby belly bump looks like.

Life is crazy in the world of pregnant Stephanie. With 12 weeks left, she is traveling here there and everywhere  for work – while she still can travel. Thankfully, she gets to end her traveling spree with a final trip at 31 weeks to Dallas.

28 Weeks Pregnant

Here is what’s going on at 28 weeks pregnant from Baby Gaga

28 weeks pregnantYou know how you’ve been feeling like a whale with legs?

To state the obvious, that feeling isn’t going anywhere until you finally get down to the hard work (aka labor) of evicting your womb-squatter.

For the time being, your little genius is in the fat collection business!

Despite being a bipedal whale, this fetal fat collection stuff is serious business, and you’ve got to put up with it because it’s going to keep your little porker warm and healthy after birth, since their brain will be unable to regulate their tiny baby-body’s temperature.

Other good stuff from inside the womb: your little explorer’s eyes are doing lots of blinking this week because they’re now responding to light and dark!

And in life-critical physical developments: your champ’s tiny industrious bone marrow is now a major construction site for blood cells, while their super-cute adrenal glands are actually producing androgen and estrogen — which will stimulate your body to begin milk production.

Say “Moo”!

Stephanie’s baby girl, Madden is scheduled to make her appearance on December 3, unless she decides to make an appearance earlier.

Pregnancy Product Review – Bella


Thanks to Due Maternity for this week’s pregnancy product review!

This week review is the Bella B Foaming Face Wash

What Does Pregnant Stephanie Think?

I was a little apprehensive to use this product since I have troublesome skin but I was pleasantly surprised.  The tea tree oil left my skin refreshed and looking great.

Bella B Foaming Face Wash can be purchased at Due Maternity







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