16 and Pregnant – I LOVE THIS SHOW.


16 and pregnant

16 and Pregnant – Why I LOVE This Show

Confession: I am a 16 and Pregnant Junkie.

Teen pregnancy scares me. I was a teenager, who was dumb and lucky. I can’t even imagine the life that I would be living now if I had a child back then. Sure, life tends to work itself out, but the poor child having to endure the life of a teenage parents (if the child is even lucky enough to have both parents involved) trying to figure out what side is up – I can’t even imagine!

MTV has just kicked off season 3 of this hit show. 16 and Pregnant shows the struggles of pregnancy, in a relatable way to teens. While I have read various reports, everything from 16 and Pregnant is encouraging teenage girls to get pregnant to be on TV – to reports that the show is helping bring awareness to teen pregnancy. I have to say this show does bring the situation of teen pregnancy to a somewhat reality. Sure, not all the juicy pregnancy details that us pregnant mamas know ALL about are shown – but it brings to light way more than I would of ever known being a teenager. My mom had my last sibling when I was 7. We didn’t have pregnant family members around. Until I experienced pregnancy first hand, I had no idea any of the complications that came with just carrying a baby until birth.

Unexpected Pregnancy Happens

Maybe, just maybe showing the realities and stuggles will help. No matter what age we are unexpected pregnancies happen. It just sucks when it happens to someone who can’t take care of the child or when it happens to a teen (who is just a growing child).

This show brings me to tears with every birth. The struggles that each mom goes thru during pregnancy are tough. If just 1 teen thinks twice about what she and he can do to prevent teen pregnancy, it’s worth this show being aired.

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