15 Weeks Pregnant – The Week of Tears

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Hello week 15, it seems like I was just blogging about week 14 – but nope another week down, another week closer to meeting baby. And yes, I do know pregnancy is 40 weeks, but 15 weeks pregnant is a lot closer than 4 weeks or 8 weeks or 10 weeks so shut up. :)

Week 15 you are making me a WRECK.

15 weeks pregnant

15 weeks pregnant - 4th kid

I am a hormonal mess. I can cry at anything. Don’t test me, I’m tired of it.

2 major cry fests, that I have to say at least there is justification about crying for these. My last pregnancy, I cried over a Walmart commercial. YES, a stupid Walmart commercial about a mom who was buying a comforter for her daughter’s dorm room. OH and then there was the OnStar commercial – TEAR JERKER. Those people would of been stranded but THANK the Lord for OnStar.

2 Things Worthy of a Good Pregnancy CRY

Anywhoo – 2 things that may even make the non-pregnant cry.

CNN’s special Selling the Girl Next Door. Child sex slaves in 2011 in the United States. It’s real. It’s SICK. and DISGUSTING. Thank you CNN for bringing this reality to life. Sex trafficking is NOT just for 3rd world countries. It’s here in America and it has to end.  **CRY FEST 1**

The next is an online photo documentary for Darcy Padilla. Darcy tells the story of Julie. Julie is a drug addict, homeless mom. She follows Julie’s story for the course of 17 years. It’s heart wrenching and real. SO MAYBE preggos shouldn’t read these. But I did. Therefore -> **CRY FEST 2**

What’s Up in the WOMB – Baby at 15 Weeks

From Parents Connect – the deets on the baby in my belly. It’s a KIT KAT! well the size of one…

kit kat bar

Although many women don’t start feeling the baby move until the 17th week (or later), your baby has been having his own party in the amniotic sac he calls home. If you feel a little flutter in your belly this week, don’t discount it as gas or hunger. It could be your babe banging around. Here’s more to look forward to:

Baby’s head is now resting on his well-formed neck instead of directly on his shoulders like Igor. He’s beginning to grow eyebrows and eyelashes this week. (All the better to give you that “Mom, you’re crazy” look when he’s a teenager.) The hair on the head also begins to grow and, with some creative styling, you’ll be able to turn those locks into a Maddox Jolie-Pitt faux-hawk some day.

Although baby’s eyes are sealed shut, he’s now able to sense light. His eyes and ears finally look like real baby features now. As your baby practices sucking and swallowing actions, he may actually hiccup. You’ll know he’s had one too many shots of amniotic fluid by the steady thump-thump you feel.

Over the next month, baby will grow faster than ever, so make sure you load up on enough nutritious food and fluids to support his growth. Your baby now measures nearly 4 inches, about the size of a Kit Kat “finger” (regular-size, not the Big one you get at the movies), and weighs almost 2 ounces.

Kit Kat Photo Cred: http://www.flickr.com/photos/triborough/4103640164

Nashville Bound, yes again.

Yep, I’m traveling to Nashville again for work. Looking forward to connecting with our FINEST and hanging with the fab team. Again am thankful that Nashville is only an hour and half flight.

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