Cyber Monday Finds

7 Last Minute Cyber Monday Finds You Won’t Want To Miss!

It's Cyber Monday, and I had to share these 7 awesome last minute finds with you. Get it while these prices are HOT! I'm...

Black Friday Haul 2016 – Yes, It Was Totally Worth It!

Black Friday Shopping Haul - that's right, I admit it. I am a Black Friday Shopper. It started many years ago, when I was...


Hour of Code - Teach Kids to Code

Hour of Code – Inspire Your Kid to Try Coding

It's Computer Science Education Week and tens of millions of students in 180+ countries are being introduced to computer science and computer programming through a...
no screens sunday - limiting screen time for kids

No Screens Sunday – Our New Parenting Hack To Limiting Screen Time

No Screens Sunday - our family is all about technology. The older kids have iPhones, the younger kids have tablets. We all have computers. There's...
3D Printer for Kids

A 3D Printer For Kids – Yes, You Read That Right

3D Printer for Kids - you knew this was bound to happen! Just think of it this way. Originally, tablets and computers were made...

Snapchat Spectacles – Snap Connected Sunglasses for the Snap Obssessed

Snapchat Spectacles - you know Snapchat glasses that let you see the world like a snap. Sure it sounds like a good publicity joke,...

YouTube VR App – Virtual Reality Is Now Mainstream

The YouTube VR App released today and I don't know about you - but WOAH this virtual reality thing is now bigger than anything...
technology mom blogger molly thornberg

I’m Molly, a digital lifestyle influencer – and Digital Mom Blog is my online home. Here’s a tad about me: I’m a working mom of 4 kids. I wanted a place to share my love and experiences with both parenting and technology – so in 2009, I started this blog. We talk about technology, parenting, gadgets and geekery. Jump in the conversation and enjoy!


Christmas Broadway Show

5 Family Friendly Christmas Things To Do In Dallas

Every Christmas we have a list of Christmasy-type things we like to do as a family. Yes, I am one of those people who...

10 Gift Ideas for Tweens That Inspire Learning, Creativity and Play

Oh, tween gift ideas - these can leave you scratching your head until the last minute - let me save your sanity and suggest...


fitbit challenges

7 Fitbit Improvements I’d Love To See

I am still absolutely loving my Fitbit. It's made me increase my steps, watch how many calories I am burning and also has been...
fitbit alta

Fitbit Alta – Fashion + Fitness + Tech

Fitbit Alta is a customizable fitness tracker designed to fit your personal style. It's the latest fitness tracker from Fitbit and it's set to...


10 tips to keeping your kids safe on social sites

Internet Safety: Helping Kids Search Google Safely

Internet safety tip: helping you keep kids searching safely on Google.
technology boundaries with kids

Everything You Do On The Computer We Can See – Technology...

Setting boundaries with your kids with the internet, computer and technology in general.


Thanksgiving Apps for Kids

7 Thanksgiving Apps for Kids

Thanksgiving apps for kids - we got them! These Apps will keep your kids busy and entertained during the Thanksgiving holiday. Often Thanksgiving can get...